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Are there any costs for a consultation?

A consultation is non-binding and free of charge. An individual offer will be prepared after assessing the local conditions. This can be submitted to the nursing care fund to apply for a subsidy.

What is a stairlift?

A stairlift is a device that transports people with restricted mobility between different floors on a platform or seat. There are different stair lifts for different stair shapes and requirements - inside and outside: seat lift for straight stairs and curved lift for spiral stairs, platform and lift especially for wheelchair users, home lift or vertical lift.

Which kinds of stairlifts gibt es?

At a stair lift the rail usually runs over a staircase. Depending on the structural conditions, it can also be attached to the wall. Straight and curved lifts with seats can be selected for indoor and outdoor use. These are available in different versions with a standard seat or swivel seat, which can be operated manually or electrically. Alternatives to the stairlift are platform and vertical lifts.

Do certain conditions have to be met before purchasing?

It makes sense to contact the medical service beforehand for the classification of the degree of care. The structural conditions should be in place, e.g. power supply, space (rescue/escape route must not be restricted), a minimum stairway width of 80cm, handrail must remain fully usable.

What else needs to be considered when buying a lift?

Lift assembly is carried out by trained in-house service technicians. Also repairs and maintenance. A maintenance contract for the annual check is recommended for the durability of the lift and can prevent unnecessary additional costs.

Are there grants and financial support?

The long-term care insurance companies subsidize up to €4,000 per person and €16,000 per household for so-called “living environment improvement measures”. The condition for this is that a care level has already been assigned (care level 1 is sufficient). As a rule, the long-term care insurance company requests an offer from the insured person.
Subsidies for e.g. "age-appropriate conversions" can be applied for via the state development bank KfW (in Germany only). A KfW subsidy cannot be combined with other subsidies (e.g. the nursing care fund subsidy).

Additional infoyou find on KFW site >>>

What should be considered when installing a lift in a rental property?

It is advisable to contact the landlord/owner beforehand. Landlords/owners may not prohibit the installation of a stairlift if the lift is medically necessary for a tenant.

Important to note: Under certain circumstances, the landlord can object to the installation of the stair lift. Concerns about safety are possible: if the lift endangers the other residents of the house when using the stairs, the house owner can veto it. An interest in the unchanged preservation of the rental property itself is also conceivable. If the landlord can not only prove this, but if it is greater than your interest in barrier-free access, he can refuse to approve the lift construction.

The costs of assembly, maintenance and installation are to be borne by the renting party. The landlord is not legally obliged to share the costs. Installing a stair lift in a homeowner's association must be approved by a majority at an owners' meeting.

How does a stairlift work?

With a stair lift, a moving chair (drive unit) is transported along the stairs on a rail. These rails are attached to the steps of the stairs. The user can control the stairlift himself with a console on the lift or a remote control.

Who is a stairlift suitable for?

For people who can sit down and get up on their own, a seated lift is often the ideal solution. If people are dependent on a walking aid such as a walker or wheelchair, platform lifts or lifts are recommended.

What are the requirements for installing a stairlift?

In principle, a stairlift can be integrated into almost all living situations. However, it is important that an expert looks at the living environment on site and provides information about possible designs. In this way, you can find out which stairlift variant suits you nicely and with the structural conditions.

Tenants must first obtain the consent of the landlord.

Does a stairlift needs to be maintained?

Yes, once a year the stairlift should be serviced by the manufacturer or a service partner. Experts take a close look at the condition of the lift and inspect the stair lift for damage and dirt. Most stairlift suppliers offer a stairlift maintenance contract. In this case, the annual maintenance is included in compliance with the relevant contractual conditions.

What are the advantages of a stairlift?

A stairlift:

  • creates accessibility and independence in your own home,
  • prevents falls in old age and thus increases mobility and safety in your own four walls,
  • is possible in almost every living situation, as there are different models made to measure,
  • is easy to use and requires no technical understanding,
  • doesn't have to be expensive. There are numerous funding opportunities and subsidies for a stairlift.

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